Measurements (lenght x widht x height) mm:: 1000x80x200-160 (mm)
Product enquire form
The production colour may be different in the same batch of products and compared to the photos on the website, as well as with the products presented in the "Betono mozaika" exposures due to the different colours of the materials and the conditions of hardening.
Natural stone surface
Measurements, (mm)
lenght x widht x heigh
Weight (kg)
Quantity (pcs) (m²)
Quantity (pcs) (package)
Coverage of 1 m²
Package weight (kg)
LST EN 1340:2003
Bending strength (MPa)
≥ 3,5 MPa (1S)
Abrasion resistance (mm)
≤ 20 mm (4I)
Water absorbtion %
≤ 6 % (2B)
Compressive strength class
Resistance to freeze-thaw with de-icing salts (kg/m²)
≤ 1,0 (3D)

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